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TEI Zoner

This tool allows you to generate TEI <zone> elements by drawing points on an image. It is entirely browser-based (nothing is processed on the server), so it should be very fast.

How to use:

About the Zoner

The tool uses raphael.js, highlight.js and jQuery, and owes a lot to the fine people of StackOverflow (in particular this question).

It was written by Chris Sparks to act as a teaching resource during for a DEMM Digital Editing TEI training week.

Please send comments or suggestions to @sparkyc84.

The source code of this project is available to fork on GitHub. It is licensed under the MIT License, which means you can use modify and embed it within other projects so long as you retain the copyright notice and license text. I’d be interested to hear about any uses of the tool, and would be happy to incorporate any fixes or enhancements you might suggest.

x: px (%)

y: px (%)